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Digital Marketing

The professional Training “e-commerce and digital marketing” aims to train alternately employees in e-marketing and e-commerce, able to integrate both companies managing marketing activities via the Internet channel and service providers working on similar projects (consulting firms, IT services companies, etc.).

It provides the skills of marketing and online commerce and related technologies.

Access to the professional license “e-commerce and digital marketing” is very open since it is aimed at people wishing to learn e-commerce trades and having prerequisites in business, communication, marketing and / or having a good foundation in computer science, internet and multimedia.

Expected skills

The main objective of the training is to give the necessary skills to participate in the development and implementation of marketing and commercial strategies dedicated to the web and to be able to quickly exercise responsibilities. The training must allow the graduate of the professional license “e-commerce and digital marketing”:     to respond to new skills in marketing, commerce, new technologies desired by companies
to contribute to the implementation or improvement of e-commerce solutions in companies
to adapt to the evolution of the business and web missions in companies of different sizes operating in various sectors of activity.